Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Your family depends on you for care, for stability and for financial security. While you can’t guarantee you’ll always be there for your loved ones, life insurance lets you still provide for them even after you’re gone. With life insurance you can leave a legacy of care, stability and financial security for the ones you love the most. In addition, your life insurance policy value growth is tax deferred.

We are gratified to regularly hear the stories of people who have been financially cared for by their loved ones via life insurance. It is a lasting legacy and a testament to the enduring power of love.

ESi offers a wide range of life insurance products to suit a variety of needs and situations:

Whole Life

Permanent protection, level payments and the accumulation of cash value

Unexpected life events don’t have to create financial hardship for the ones you love. Long-term financial instruments such as whole life insurance offer a dependable way for you keep your loved ones financially secure even after you’ve gone.

When you choose one of ESi’s whole life insurance policies, you’re choosing a lifetime of protection. Our whole life products provide guaranteed benefits for your loved ones after you’re gone, as long as the premiums are paid in a timely manner.

Features of whole life insurance include:

Fixed premium – Budgeting is easy with a consistent premium payment.

Accumulation of a cash value – Cash value accumulates over time, and some policies may allow you to borrow against it.

Fixed benefit – You can choose the amount you leave to loved ones, and rest easy knowing that’s what they’ll get.

Term Life

Fixed-rate coverage and a level benefit for a defined period of time

Not everyone needs lifetime coverage. In fact, there are many situations where short- or limited-term insurance is a better fit. Your children will eventually complete their education and become independent, your mortgage will ultimately be paid off, and you and your spouse will retire. ESi offers many term insurance options for just these types of limited situations.

With a term life policy, you’ll pay a regular premium for the length of the term in exchange for a fixed amount of coverage for that same period. Term life premiums are generally lower than premiums for permanent life insurance.

People choose ESi term life for a variety of reasons:

  • Custom selection of the term (10, 15, 20 or 30 years) that best fits your needs
  • Competitively priced, affordable coverage for only the time you need it
  • Level premium payments
  • Ability to customize coverage with riders such as living benefits
  • Preservation of insurability for converting to permanent insurance later
  • Policies backed by American National’s 100+ years of financial stability

Universal Life

Permanent insurance with flexible premium choices

Your life will change over time – your life insurance should be able to as well. Because no single insurance plan will work for everyone, ESi offers universal life insurance. Like whole life, universal life is considered a permanent life insurance policy. However, universal life offers a much greater degree of flexibility for the policyholder in both premium payments and coverage amounts.

Universal life options may include:

Flexible premiums – Policyholders may be able to vary their premiums within certain limits as long as the policy retains sufficient available cash value

Flexible benefits – Policies may allow you to increase or decrease the death benefit according to your particular situation, subject to qualification requirements.

Loan access – You can borrow against a portion of your policy’s cash value in order to meet unexpected financial needs. Unpaid policy debt will reduce the proceeds payable at death.

Optional riders – Many policies can be customized with riders such as accelerated benefits, disability waivers of minimum premium or stipulated premium, children’s level term and coverage continuation. Not all riders are available for all policies.

Universal life policy values are interest-rate sensitive. Interest crediting rates are set by the insurer, subject to policy-specific requirements.

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